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BookPensCom Inks

BookPensCom Inks

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BookPensCom Inks are produced in China and feature a wide variety of colors, shimmers and sheens.  Many are unique so if you’re looking for an ink outside the norm this is a great place to start!

18ML and 30ML sizes available.  The 30ML inks come with a built in eye dropper cap for convenience.

If the color you'd like is sold out, please sign up for an in-stock alert, as we can try to get the desired color in with our next shipment.

Paper matters :)  All swabs on this site are done on either Tomoe River Paper (68GSM or 52GSM) or Vellum.  Colors may vary depending on the pen (wetness/dryness of nib), paper, lighting, and other factors.  With shimmers as with all pen inks please practice responsible pen hygiene for optimal performance!

***Please only purchase these inks with other in-stock items so we can ship them out immediately.  Do not combine with Late Pledges or Pre-Orders to avoid delay.  Thank you!