Benefit Hippo Noto 3-Pack

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The fountain pen community suffered a great loss recently, Jim Rouse of Franklin-Christoph.  We all remember him at the pen shows, laughing and tuning nibs, his presence will be missed.  What people might not know is that Jim helped support his grandkids.  As someone who was raised by my grandparents as well, this fact really struck a chord.  With many others raising funds to help in the wake of this tragedy, Hippo Noto must do it's part.  A portion of the proceeds from this bundle and a portion of all sales this month will go to Jim's grandkids in an effort to show support and offer sincere condolences.

Every person who purchases this bundle will have their name included on a card sent to the family with the donation.

What I fell in love with about fountain pens first was the community, the rest is a great bonus.  Thank you.

Technical Details:

A7 68 GSM Tomoe River Paper (the same great paper in Hippo Noto)

64 Pages

Disclaimer:  These are the same books that were included free of charge to the ivory Kickstarter backers.  In wanting to help with this effort we decided that the extra books will be better served here than sitting in our warehouse.  Kickstarter and late pledges are not affected timeline wise by this donation program.  Thank you for you patience and support.