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Phoenix Sheening/Shimmer Inks!

Phoenix Sheening/Shimmer Inks!

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Phoenix inks come in monster 60ML bottles (or 50ML vase style bottles) packed with the sheen and/or shimmer you deserve.

Please select 60ML for all colors other than Tsunde, Plum Fairy, and Lichen Moss.  These only come in a 50ML vase bottle size.  The 60ML inks are not in vase bottles.

If the color you'd like is sold out, please sign up for an in-stock alert, as we can try to get the desired color in with our next shipment.  Stay tuned to our newsletter for the newest incoming colors.  This collection will surely expand!

Paper matters :)  All swabs on this site are done on either Tomoe River Paper (68GSM or 52GSM) or Vellum.  Colors may vary depending on the pen (wetness/dryness of nib), paper, lighting, and other factors.

***Please only purchase these inks with other in-stock items so we can ship them out immediately.  Do not combine with Late Pledges or Pre-Orders to avoid delay.  Thank you!