Colorverse Gift With Purchase (GWP) Promo

Colorverse Gift With Purchase (GWP) Promo

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Gift with purchase of 2-3+ Colorverse Inks.  These are two previously unreleased inks, only available through GWP promos.

1 Promo Color with purchase of 2 Colorverse Inks.

Set of 2 Promo Colors with the purchase of 3 Colorverse Inks.

How to get!  Place the promotional item(s) in your cart and enter the code at checkout.  This will take off the cost of the promotional items, making them free.

Enter code:  COLORVERSE2 (1 promo ink) or COLORVERSE3 (2 promo inks) at checkout to remove the promo ink cost.

Only one per color allowed, Set of Two is one of each promo color.

Can't be purchased separately/outside this promotion.